Pioneers in the Cannabis Culture

As the first Cannabis fashion label to claim the Cannabis leaf as their sole logo, we have created a new trend in the Cannabis community. We have gained loyal supporters from countries around the world including South Africa, Chile, Germany, Uruguay because of our simple mission to end the stigmas towards Cannabis use. Our apparel is worn by master growers to some of the most influential Ganjapreneurs.

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The Grower's Choice

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"That's how customers should be treated. Thank you very much @officialleafco"

- Jess Kraus

"Shoutout to @officialleafco forever and always will love this shirt"

- Korey Highness

"Always repping @officialleafco tho, love this hat"

- 420 Atmosphere

"Love my shirt from @officialleafco"

- GoProGrower

"OFFICIAL LEAF, stoked to finally pick up a badass jacket, thanks guys"

- Stoner Hustle